You Hear It Now


Where the Flowers Have Gone

Corona on My Mind

These three pieces make up my "Flower Power" triptych. In each, seemingly pretty flower blossoms reveal a more disturbing visual upon closer examination. (If interested in these images, please contact me through the Contact-Order Page and I'll get in touch.)

Like so many others, I was deeply disturbed by George Floyd's murder. As I sit here in my position of white privilege, surrounded by so much natural beauty, the world is being pierced by the shouts of Black Lives Matter.

If you view this entire work from a distance—all looks well—but if you look closely you see the stamens of the large flower have become fists and the center is a shouting mouth. All is not well.

After 2 months of sheltering in place everything started looking like the ubiquitous corona virus graphic. Even in my garden the centers of the purple myrtle blossoms took on the menacing persona of the corona virus.

​It's lurking everywhere.

 A beautiful floral display reveals a horrifying reality on closer examination. Lovely waterlilies have centers that are flames of fire, a foreshadowing of the calamity coming, in this case drought--the lilypads morph into a dry lake bed and the forested shoreline is on fire.