Marian Federspiel

Hi there!  I'm pleased you made it to my site. I am a digital painter in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. I mostly create landscapes—or lakescapes as I call them since the preponderance of my drawings are of lake scenes. I live on a lake and am continually struck by its breathtaking beauty and variety. I attempt to convey the feeling of looking out across the water (or mountain, or garden). Depth and space is created through the layering of color of varying opacity and the use of analogous and complementary colors. I have a graphic design background—I was in advertising design for 20 years before teaching digital art in high school for 20  years—so my drawings are informed by a graphic sensibility—bold, simple shapes and colors, concern for the impression of a piece.

So how do I create my work? Digital painting is a relatively new medium. I use the software program, Adobe Illustrator, to create my images by substituting pixels for paint and a mouse for a brush; the computer monitor becomes my canvas.

The painting process is similar to traditional painting. A scene inspires a mental image, while pencil sketches and photographs provide reference. The image is hand drawn with the mouse (yes, I still use a mouse rather than a stylus—it’s just what I’m use to). The images are not manipulated photographs; they are drawn by my hand with the use of a computer mouse.

After the drawing is complete, it is printed with seven colors of ink on matte paper on an Epsom printer. The result is a brilliantly colored serigraph-like print.

Education? I studied art at the University of Connecticut and have a BFA in painting. I also have a Master of Education from Lesley University. 

Where is it? My work can be seen and purchased at Artistic Roots in Plymouth, New Hampshire and at Squam Lakes Artisans in Center Harbor, New Hampshire. I am also part of Artisans by the Bay which is in Oglethorpe Fine Arts and Crafts in the Mill Falls Marketplace in Meredith, NH and at Riverview Artisans in Bristol, NH. You can also email me to discuss a purchase or with any questions. Or, you can order on-line by going to (See contact and order page on this site or click on the image you are interested in.)